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"The therapists at Sense-Ability helped our daughter transform from a little girl with sensory issues and a lack of attention to a confident, focused, happy child.  We cannot thank them enough for the patience and positive attitude they showed towards our daughter.  They truly have made our therapy experience a positive one!"
"They really helped get me back up on my feet and back to work after my stroke.  The therapist was challenging but easy to work with.  She never gave up on me and was with me every step of the way."
"Raising an autistic child can be extremely difficult, even in today's world.  But the therapists at Sense-Ability gave me new hope.  Not only are they trained and experienced at helping my son, but they also help teach me new ways to work with him when we're at home.  I've never met people more patient and kind, even when my son is having a bad day.  And the office support people there have been great to work with for scheduling appointments and insurance issues."


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