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We understand that sometimes the most confusing part of treatment can be working out the billing and insurance details.  At Sense-Ability, LLC our billing specialist is committed to providing the best experience as possible.  We will file your insurance claims for you, along with working with you and your insurance company to obtain payment for services.  We do ask for you to keep in mind that we are considered a third party to your relationship with your insurance company and with the ever-changing insurance climate, situations may arise that are out of our ability to predict. 


We will assist you in understanding your insurance benefits for therapy services.  Please note that benefits which are quoted to you are not a guarantee that therapy will be covered.  Your or your child’s diagnosis and treatment plan of care are unique, so never assume the benefits will ensure payment for services rendered.


Sense-Ability, LLC accepts all types of insurance as a form of payment, but we are "in-network" with the following insurance companies: 

Sense-Ability, LLC is "in-network" with all of the Blue Cross/Blue Shield plans including CareFirst, Blue Choice, FEP, etc.

Sense-Ability, LLC accepts all Maryland Medicaid and Medicare Insurances.

Sense-Ability, LLC is "in-network" with all of the United Healthcare plans.

Sense-Ability, LLC is "in-network" with TriCare Standard and TriCare Prime insurance plans.

Sense-Ability, LLC is "in-network" with all of the Cigna plans.

Sense-Ability, LLC is "in-network" with all of the Optum plans.

If you are a member of one of these providers, we will file the insurance claims for you.  Co-payment is due the day of service.   If services are not covered for any reason by your insurance company, you will be responsible for payment in full (to the extent applicable by law).  


If we are out-of-network with your insurance company, full payment of service is due the day of service.  We will submit a claim on your behalf as a courtesy.  Depending on your insurance plan, out-of-network benefits may be payable after your deductible is met.  Some carriers will reimburse you directly, while others will reimburse the clinic.  If the clinic is reimbursed the amount will be credited to your account and future payments for services will be adjusted accordingly.   


If you are concerned with the cost of therapy, please speak with our business manager, Don Geller, at (240) 256-3711 x3 about our payment plan options available. 

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